The Greatest Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes

Buying organic baby clothes was never so popular. You can find organic baby clothes much more easily nowadays and there are very good reasons for that!

1- If you are reading this article, you probably have an adorable little one( or two, or three,…) that you care a whole lot about. It turns out that the ”good old” cotton baby clothes we used to love for our little ones are normally full of chemicals and pesticides.

Many agricultors add a bunch of harmful substances to their cotton plantations in order to have a more productive harvest. These chemicals stay in the cotton fibers and will be directly in touch with your ultra- delicate baby’s skin.

Buying organic baby clothes that were made from Bio- cotton,  can protect your kids from having to deal with those chemicals so early in their lives. Not to mention that bio- cotton baby clothes reduce significantly the risk of allergies in small babies.

2- Our planet needs help to heal from all of the impact caused by humans over the last century. When you pay attention to where your clothes come from, who made them, if these people were paid fairly, how the fabrics were produced, etc, you take a great step towards saving the environment. If you look carefully you can find affordable alternatives to protect the home our kids will inherit from us.

When buying organic baby clothes you make sure that your clothes had a minimum impact on the planet.

3- I don’t know if you are an influencer or not, but your actions certainly do impact and are influential to the ones around you. If you buy organic baby clothes to your baby and tell your friends and family about it, it is much more likely that they will at least start thinking of doing the same. By doing that, you will be helping them to be healthier and also the Earth to heal.

4- Nowadays, you can find a wide range of brands that had chosen to go Organic. Some of them are already big in the fashion world, but most are small companies or even independent artisans who are as sustainable as possible in their production methods.

Organic baby clothing certainly doesn’t have to be boring anymore. The Blackboard Bunny uses only organic cotton that was Eco- friendly printed with the most adorable patterns! The colors are bright and the prints couldn’t be more fun! All made with water- based and non- toxic dyes and inks.

Handmade by a Berlin-based designer, organic baby clothing is sustainable and ultra- stylish. The designer aims for zero waste since each design is produced only after purchase.  And if you think that the processing time would take ages, you will have a big surprise now, they take a maximum of three working days to get your order shipped to you. They ship worldwide and invest part of their profits investing in environmental actions such as planting trees programs around the world.

Fashion and sustainability can finally be united! Thankfully to new technologies and more information available on how to be as green as possible, we can make the best choices for our little ones.

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